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What are the classifications of medical elastic bandages

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The elastic bandage of medical consumables is composed of elastic bottom belt layer, drug and medical polymer adhesive mixing layer and anti adhesion layer. It is rolled from a simple rubber end and packaged by an anti dry layer. It can be used for sprain of limb joints, soft tissue injury and incomplete tear of ligament. The design is reasonable and easy to use.

Some people may compare this kind of products with sports bandages when they hear elastic bandages, because these two kinds of bandages belong to elastic bandages, but in fact, these two kinds of products are different, and the difference is still very big. Let's introduce the difference between sports bandages and elastic bandages.

Sports bandage:

There are more than one kinds of special products for sports, and they are single-layer products. The common ones are ankle protection, wrist protection, knee protection, etc. basically, the parts prone to sports joint injury or muscle strain can be protected with sports bandages. These bandages have strong elasticity and are suitable for sports.

Medical elastic bandage:

Needless to say, elastic bandages must belong to medical products. Unlike sports bandages, this kind of bandage does not take the number as the unit of calculation, but takes the roll as the unit. There are different sizes in different types, and the size classification is also very simple, mainly large, medium and small sizes. This kind of bandage is relatively long, and the most common one is more than one meter. We can see the places where this kind of bandage is used, except for medical institutions, on many rhythmic gymnasts, because this kind of bandage can be wrapped in a larger area and several layers. Because the amount of exercise mobilized is far greater than that of ordinary people, this kind of bandage can also protect the body of athletes, So that they can concentrate more during sports or competition, and reduce physical injury.



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