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What are the differences between latex gloves and rubber gloves?

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Everyone knows that there are many types of gloves, and people often use latex gloves and rubber gloves in daily life, so many users of these two kinds of gloves have been confused. So what is the difference between these two kinds of gloves? The editor of the following labor protection gloves will give a brief introduction to the majority of users, hoping to help everyone.

Rubber gloves are made of dry rubber, and latex gloves are made of latex; latex gloves are a kind of gloves, which are different from ordinary gloves and are made of latex. It can be used as household, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries, and it is a necessary hand protection product. The latex gloves are made of natural latex and matched with other fine additives. The products have special surface treatment and are comfortable to wear. They are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment, and daily life.

Rubber gloves are a type of gloves made of rubber sheets or films. According to the purpose, it is divided into acid and alkali resistant gloves, electrical insulating gloves, radiation protection gloves, medical gloves, etc. According to rubber raw materials or manufacturing process, it is divided into latex gloves and molded gloves.



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