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What are the magical uses of disposable scalp needles

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Disposable scalp needles are clinically used for intravenous infusion and blood collection, as well as for oxygen inhalation, sputum suction or exhaust pipe for intravenous infusion. The relevant application methods are now introduced as follows.

1. Used for oxygen and sputum suction

The disposable scalp needle is cut off, instead of the oxygen tube and sputum tube, it is applied to infants and young children to inhale oxygen and disease. Because of its small size and softness, it has little irritation to the abandoned cavity and respiratory mucosa. Especially for children with tracheotomy, it can also avoid blocking the tracheal tube and affecting ventilation. It can be replaced at any time to avoid cross-infection. For patients who need long-term low-flow oxygen inhalation and household oxygen use, the application of this tube is simple and economical. Its small diameter can also prevent a large amount of oxygen from flowing into the respiratory tract when the oxygen flow is adjusted incorrectly.

2. As an exhaust pipe for intravenous infusion

When the exhaust pipe of intravenous infusion is blocked, insert the needle of the disposable scalp needle into the liquid bottle, and then fix the hose in an appropriate position outside the bottle, which can be used as an exhaust pipe. In this way, it not only avoids the waste of medical materials and the waste of liquid medicine in the pipeline due to the replacement of the infusion tube, but also saves the time of re-venting and improves the work efficiency. For those who use the double-fork infusion set, the two groups of liquids are hard-shaped When the bottled liquid of the package or the side without the exhaust pipe needs to be replaced, the disposable scalp needle is inserted into the bottle instead of the exhaust pipe. Not only is it convenient to obtain materials, but it can also flexibly adjust the liquid input sequence to provide patients with timely and accurate information. medical treatement.



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