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What are the performance of medical disposable protective clothing?

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      Different countries and regions have clear regulations and test methods for the performance and various indicators of medical disposable protective clothing and surgical gowns. In addition to the specifications and design safety requirements of the clothing itself, disposable medical protective clothing also requires protection, comfort, safety, and good physical and mechanical properties.


One, protection

Protection is an important performance requirement of medical disposable protective clothing, mainly including liquid barrier and filtration efficiency. Liquid barrier means that medical protective clothing can be waterproof, penetrate blood, and prevent surface wetting. Prevent medical staff from infecting medical staff with viruses carried in blood, body fluids, and other secretions of patients during surgery. Filtration efficiency refers to the proportion of particulate matter (solid, liquid, or solid and liquid mixture floating in the air, such as microorganisms, dust, smoke, fog, etc.) that the protective clothing filters in the air.

Two, comfort

The main indicator of comfort is moisture permeability. In order to improve the protective effect, the fabrics of medical disposable protective clothing are usually laminated or laminated, and long-term wearing is not conducive to perspiration and heat dissipation. The improvement of the moisture permeability of medical disposable protective clothing can improve the taking experience of medical staff and reduce the stuffiness and physical discomfort caused by long-term work. In addition, skin irritation is also a comfort index in the GB standard. Medical disposable protective clothing must not cause uncomfortable skin irritation to the user.

Three, physical and mechanical properties

Physical and mechanical properties mainly refer to the durability of medical protective clothing materials. Avoid being torn, punctured, or damaged by external forces, provide a channel for the spread of bacteria and viruses, and weaken the protective effect.

Four, safety

Safety is a consideration of the safety of the medical staff themselves, the patients and the surrounding environment.

For example, antistatic is to prevent dust and bacteria from being adsorbed on static electricity, which is harmful to patients and surrounding people. At the same time, it prevents volatile gases in the operating room from exploding due to sparks generated by static electricity, which affects the accuracy of the instrument. Microorganisms, combustion-supporting, and residual amount after sterilization are also important safety indicators.

In summary, the importance of medical disposable protective clothing to medical staff. First of all, it is necessary to meet the corresponding standards of each market. The standards set requirements for the material, design and performance of protective clothing; whether the medical disposable protective clothing mass-produced in a qualified factory is qualified requires an authoritative third-party inspection agency Perform inspections in accordance with corresponding inspection standards. The main function of medical disposable protective clothing is to isolate pathogenic bacteria, harmful ultrafine dust, acid and alkaline solutions, electromagnetic radiation, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel and the cleanliness of the environment.



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