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What are the standards for the use of medical tape

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The base material of medical tape products is pure wood pulp natural material, non-toxic, non-irritating, and has good air permeability.

1. Medical tape must be able to adapt to the corresponding sterilization methods. Different sterilization methods have different effects on product performance. Selecting materials suitable for product sterilization methods is an important part of product design.

2. The adhesiveness of medical tape is enough, which is also a big standard for the use of medical tape. When the medical tape needs to stick the material to the skin (for example, when it is used for surgical towels), the medical tape should be able to stick firmly to the surface of the material.

3. In addition to the adhesiveness of the medical tape, it is also necessary to consider whether the adhesiveness to the skin is appropriate. Since most medical tapes need to be pasted to the skin, they should have appropriate, not the stronger the better. The clinical research department of 3M evaluates the strength and applicability of the medical tape to the skin by testing the peel strength of the medical tape on the skin.

In summary, only the functional characteristics of the above three aspects of medical tape introduced by the medical tape manufacturer can meet the use standards of medical tape. If the medical tape you bought does not meet the requirements, it means that it cannot be used well. If you need medical tape, please contact us. Zibo Dongmai International Trade Co., Ltd. is the most professional medical tape manufacturer.



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