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What are the wrapping methods of medical gauze bandages

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Medical gauze bandage is a common medical product. Medical gauze bandages are usually made of cotton and gauze using a special process, and are suitable for wrapping various parts of the body such as the head, abdomen, chest, limbs and tail. At the same time, medical gauze bandages can also have a variety of dressing shapes and dressing methods according to different parts and wounds. Common dressing methods are as follows:

First is the ring bandaging method: This is the basic method commonly used in medical gauze bandages. Generally, small wounds are cleaned with this method. It is also suitable for neck, head, legs, chest and abdomen. The method is: the first circle is rounded slightly obliquely, the second and third circles are made into a ring, and the corner of the first circle is pressed into the annular ring, so that the fixation is more secure. Then fix the tape tail with adhesive paste, or cut the tape tail into two knots.

Secondly, the serpentine dressing method: it is mostly used to fix the splint. The method is: first wrap the bandage in a loop method for several times and fix it, then wind it up or down diagonally according to the width of the bandage.

 is the spiral bandaging method: This medical gauze bandage method is often used for places with similar thickness, such as arms. The dressing method is to first use a ring-shaped dressing method for dressing, and then perform the dressing by moving one-third or two-thirds of each circle forward to form a spiral shape.



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