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What are the wrong ways to use disposable syringes?

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The functions of disposable syringes include dynamic performance, body tightness, residual capacity, extractable metal content, pH, easy oxides, residual ethylene oxide, hemolysis, sterility, non-pyrogen, etc., which are mainly suitable for Used when pumping liquid or injecting liquid. Next, Zibo Dongmai will tell you what are the wrong ways to use disposable syringes.

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The syringe dosing method is wrong

Conventional dosing uses a disposable syringe to directly inject the drug into a bottle or bag injection, but when using a dispensing bag for dosing, it needs to be dosed through the upper tube of the dispensing bag. Take the dispensing bag used in our hospital as an example. The length of the side tube is 5cm, and the larger syringe needle is only 3.3cm. That is, when the needle is dosing, the liquid can only be injected into the side tube but not directly into the dispensing bag. In, three situations may occur:

1. The drug solution remains in the side tube, which affects the effect of drug treatment. Taking the dispensing bag as an example, the internal volume of the side tube is 0.4ml. If 1ml of drug solution is injected, the residual amount can be as high as 40%, which is seriously affected. The effect of medication.

2. When the residual liquid medicine stays in the side tube for too long, the physical and chemical properties and pharmacological effects of the medicine may change, such as discoloration, precipitation, failure or increased toxicity.

3. When another drug is added to the side tube, the compatibility of the two drugs may be contraindicated.

Wrong configuration of skin test solution   

When preparing the skin test solution, use a 1ml disposable syringe to suck 0.1ml of the drug solution, and then draw the physiological saline to 1ml, mix it well, and dilute it for different times according to the concentration of the drug skin test solution. According to this operation, without replacing the needle, the actual concentration of the skin test solution is 0.17ml (the needle and the nipple contain 0.07ml), and the 5ml injection needle is used, and the concentration of the skin test solution is 0.19ml (the needle and the nipple contain the drug It can be seen that the concentration of the original solution of the skin test solution is far greater than 0.1ml. Say my standard dose. No matter how many dilutions, the concentration of the skin test solution must be higher than the theoretically required concentration.



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