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What factors may cause the central venous catheter to fall off?

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Central venous catheters can be used to deliver nutrition to patients with total parenteral nutrition and blood to patients undergoing more risky surgery, and can also be used to measure central venous pressure. Among them, central venous catheters with good quality and good after-sales service are even more popular at home and abroad. Below, the editor of Zibo Dongmai will share with you what factors may cause central venous catheters to fall off. as follows:


1. The patient is mentally disturbed and has confusion over sexual understanding

Central venous catheter is a relatively mature catheter placement technology, especially suitable for critically ill patients with severe trauma, shock and acute circulatory failure. However, such critically ill patients may have mental restlessness and confusion, which can easily lead to restless sleep and emotional irritability, which may cause the central venous catheter to fall off.

2. The patient's local discomfort and infection

Some patients suffering from diabetes, malignant tumors, malnutrition and other susceptible infections, after puncturing the central venous catheter, may also cause the central venous catheter to fall off due to local discomfort. Therefore, many doctors emphasize that patients should be disinfected and replaced regularly after the puncture, so as to prevent the intravenous catheter from falling off in the internal organs.

3. The patient keeps turning over with insomnia

According to the feedback shared by many patients, the central venous catheter frequently falls off. This has a great relationship with patients with insomnia and constant turning over. Many patients suffer from postoperative wound pain or infection, leading to insomnia at night, because some patients may have restricted mobility or physical discomfort due to chemical stimulation of hypertonic fluid. Patients should try to keep as much rest as possible.

Central venous catheter is an indispensable delivery device for drug delivery, rapid rehydration and nutrient solution delivery. Many people continue to consult online about the brand of central venous catheter. According to some professional doctors, in addition to the patient’s mental disorder, the central venous catheter is prone to fall off. It may also cause local discomfort, infection or insomnia when the patient keeps turning over. The catheter fell off.



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