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What is Cotton Gauze?

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Cotton gauze is a type of bandage commonly found in first aid kits. It is usually used as a dressing for wounds, burns, and minor scrapes and cuts. Gauze may also be used to control minor bleeding — for example, small patches are sometimes placed on a patient's arm after his blood has been drawn.

This type of bandage is normally manufactured from cotton, although some rayon-polyester blends exist. The fabric is loosely woven, with a slight stretch to it. The looseness of the material allows the cotton gauze to breathe, and air to circulate through the bandage to the skin. The cotton is typically bright white in color, so that a medical professional can be certain he is applying a clean, sterile bandage to his patient.

Cotton gauze is also available as a dressing sponge. These are applied directly to the top of a wound, rather than wrapping bandaging around the body. 

Cotton gauzebandages can be used by anyone, regardless of his medical knowledge or training. Ideally, a household medicine cabinet should contain several different cotton gauze products, such as one small roll, one medium or large roll, and six to eight gauze pads or sponges in varying sizes. A kit should also include antibacterial cream for use under the gauze strip, medical tape, latex gloves, burn cream, and medical scissors. Having these items on hand can ensure family members can take care of minor injuries in a safe and timely manner, and prevent infections at the same time.



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