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What is a Coronavirus Kit? Why Multiplexreaction?

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For the detection of new coronavirus kits, automated nucleic acid extraction and automated amplification are used for closed operation, which can effectively protect the safety of operators. The kit can be used to detect nasopharyngeal swabs, sputum, alveolar lavage fluid, serum and plasma, etc., and it can cover different types of samples of clinical patients in all directions. If the test is positive, the body is infected with the new coronavirus.

As a screening method, fast and high sensitivity are required. Each RT-PCR reaction takes about 2 hours to produce results. Multiplex, that is, multiple detections are performed in parallel, which can effectively shorten the entire process time and speed up the detection speed. In addition, the virus mutates quickly. Using multiple conserved target sequences can prevent the virus mutation from producing false negatives.

How long can I get the results after sampling?

If the nearest hospital can test immediately, the results should be visible in 2-3 hours, but if the local infection control or equipment personnel are not adequate (see next question), you need to send the samples to the regional or national testing center. (Such as the CDC), plus transportation time, it may take 24 hours or even days.

It is also because the similarity between this new coronavirus and SARS is very high. If it is infected with SARS virus, the result will also be positive.

Of course, sequencing methods can also be used to more accurately identify new coronaviruses, but they require high equipment and slower speeds, which is not suitable for large-scale screening.



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