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What is a heparin cap  ?

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The heparin cap mimics the effect of the Clayford principle on the intravenous indwelling needle sealing tube to reduce the medical cost of the patient and improve the work efficiency of the nurse.

It can be used with arteriovenous indwelling needles for multiple and repeated punctures for infusion, injection of drugs, standard locking joints, and injection of heparin sodium to prevent blood reflux and anticoagulation.

Heparin cap mimic sealing can prolong the service life of venous indwelling needles and reduce the medical expenses of patients. In 60 patients, the indwelling needles of the external jugular vein were indwelled successfully. No blockage or infection occurred. . Before the jugular vein puncture, the heparin cap should be connected, the scalp needle and the lead should be vented. After successful puncture, it should be fixed with 3M transparent dressing. Pay attention to skin disinfection during puncture, and fix it firmly to prevent falling off. The jugular vein indwelling greatly reduces the pain of children, has a high puncture success rate, improves work efficiency, and is welcomed by children's parents and medical staff.

Heparin Cap with Spike Cover Various medical plastic parts can be used for various catheters (double-lumen central venous catheter, triple-lumen central venous catheter and multi-lumen catheter, etc.), various infusion sets and various extension tubes (T-type, three-way valves , Micro-flow and pressure extension tubes).



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