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What is the N95 mask? How to choose a mask?

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Masks on the market are currently divided into three categories: industrial, medical, and civilian.

The working environment, virus germs, and air pollution resistant to smog cause harm to people's bodies. Most people have taken protective measures. Wearing a mask is the most effective and low-cost solution to the situation. What about your mask? Next, I will sort out the knowledge in the mask for you.

Most industrial masks on the market implement the American standards beginning with KN95 and KN90 or the European standards beginning with FFP. The national standard for masks in China is GB2626-2006. Similar to the American standard, it is divided into KN type suitable for filtering non-oily particulate matter, and KP type suitable for filtering oily particulate matter. The filtration requirement of KN90 is greater than or equal to 90%, the filtration requirement of KN95 is greater than or equal to 95%, and the filtration requirement of KN100 is greater than or equal to 99.97%.

This is what is meant by the KN95 in the mask market, then the problem is coming. This is the standard for industrial masks. It will play a role in preventing PM2.5 and other particulates in the air. Then the virus germs can really work when it comes. What?

In fact, in addition to poor breathability, industrial masks are also not good at preventing viruses and bacteria. Although industrial masks can effectively filter fine particles of PM2.5 and below, the water vapor when people breathe will adhere to the inner wall of the mask to nourish the bacteria attached to PM2.5 and become a petri dish for bacteria and viruses, and the health of consumers will also be The secondary pollution due to industrial masks is threatened. Long-term wearing of industrial masks can easily cause permanent damage to people's respiratory system, especially children and the elderly.

The standard for medical masks is GB19083-2003, which is suitable for the protection of airborne respiratory infections by medical personnel. The key to respiratory protection is fine particles and bacteria. Medical surgical masks are suitable for the basic protection of medical personnel, to prevent the spread of blood, body fluids and splashes. Ordinary medical masks can only be used for one-time hygiene care under normal conditions, blocking the protection of microbes such as pollen. Therefore, in the environment of viruses and bacteria, professional medical protective masks meet the KN95 standard for efficient protection.

Although the tightness of civil masks is not as good as industrial masks, it has the characteristics of easy cleaning, repeated use, and little damage to the body. The mask structure on the market is a jacket + filter element, although the protection of the respiratory part meets the requirements Because of the air resistance, the protective effect can not be achieved in the part with small air resistance, and the air leakage in the case of poor airtightness is virtually useless. Therefore, a full-face mask should be used instead of a filter-face mask.



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