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What is the atomization principle of the nebulizer mask​?

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Nebulizer mask is suitable for various respiratory diseases. Simple operation and convenient portability are important conditions for the selection of household atomizers. There are two main atomization principles used, one is an ultrasonic atomizer and the other is a compressed atomizer. as follows:


Ultrasonic Nebulizer: Use the principle of ultrasound to atomize the liquid medicine.

Ultrasonic nebulizer has no selectivity for mist particles, so most of the drug particles produced can only be deposited in the upper respiratory tract such as the mouth and throat, and because the lung deposits are small, it cannot effectively treat lower respiratory tract diseases. At the same time, due to the large and fast atomization produced by the ultrasonic nebulizer, the patient inhales too much water vapor, which humidifies the respiratory tract. The dry and thick secretions in the respiratory tract that originally partially blocked the bronchus swell after absorbing water and enlarge the respiratory tract. Resistance may cause hypoxia, and the ultrasonic atomizer will cause the liquid medicine to form drops and hang on the inner cavity wall, which is not effective for lower respiratory tract diseases, and the demand for medicine is large, resulting in waste.

Air compression atomizer: also called jet atomization, based on the principle of Venturi, it uses compressed air to form a high-speed airflow through a small nozzle, and the negative pressure generated drives the liquid or other fluids to be sprayed onto the barrier. , Splashing to the surroundings under high-speed impact to make the droplets become mist-like particles ejected from the air outlet pipe.

The above is the atomization principle of the nebulizer mask. Generally speaking, disposable nebulization masks need to be replaced after basic use, but if the patient feels troublesome and feels that the nebulization mask itself is not contaminated, the use time can be slightly extended, but disinfection must be done, but relatively speaking, The number of times of use of the disposable atomizing mask is based on one time.



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