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What is the brief history of the development of disposable syringes?

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Disposable syringes characterized by puncture injection have experienced three generations of development so far.

Di generation: Disposable syringes with injection molded parts as the basic feature appeared in the 1950s and solved the cost problem of one-time use. Its "disposable" is a management concept. Although it has been continuously improved and perfected, the reusable characteristics of its structure and function are the basic characteristics of the "di generation" ordinary disposable syringes.

The second generation: In order to solve the serious problem of cross-infection caused by the repeated use of ordinary disposable syringes, the emergence of "self-destructing" disposable syringes in the 1970s and 1980s was born. This "second generation" once The basic feature of a sex syringe is: its structure has a one-time feature. Once used, the syringe automatically loses its basic functions (such as vacuum pumping, pressure injection), and the return of the injection function cannot be achieved by simply replacing low-value parts. It includes two major categories: the "self-destruct" type with structural parts damage and the "self-locking" type with structural parts' relative movement function restriction.

The third generation: the di generation and the second generation disposable syringes cannot solve the infection (especially the malignant infection including AIDS) caused by the contaminated needle tip after the injection caused by the stabbing or scratching of the personnel (especially the medical staff). Therefore, around the 90s of last century, after successful use, the development of a disposable syringe that can isolate and protect the needle-the "safe syringe". The basic feature of this "third-generation" disposable syringe is: After use, the syringe can automatically or manually isolate the needle tip from the outside world with the structure on it, and this "safety function" should be able to maintain the post-processing program ( For developing countries to use this kind of safe injection, it is particularly important to realize self-destruction, that is, the third-generation syringe is compatible with the main technical features of the second-generation syringe).



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