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What is the difference between disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks

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Disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks belong to the same category of medical masks. The biggest difference between the two is that disposable medical masks are used in ordinary medical environments and have no protective effect on tightness and blood isolation, while medical surgical masks are mostly used. In an environment with body fluids and blood splashes, this type of mask can effectively isolate blood and body fluids and prevent blood and body fluids from passing through the mask to infect the wearer, but the filtration of particles is insufficient.


In addition to disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks, there are also medical N95 masks, which are the highest level of protection among the types of medical masks. They are used in environments with respiratory infectious diseases, such as high-risk isolation wards. In addition to effectively preventing blood and body fluids from splashing, it can also filter particles in the air. The filtration efficiency of non-oily particles can reach more than 95%.

General medical equipment or disposable medical supplies are sterilized. The protective effect of medical masks is not as good as medical surgical masks. Medical surgical masks are basically used for hospital protection or disease control, or medical masks for operating room protection, while masks generally used are those worn by ordinary residents and pedestrians.

Disposable medical masks and surgical surgical masks are mostly sterilized with ethylene oxide and are sterile masks. The essential difference between disposable masks belonging to the general public and medical masks is that they are non-sterile.



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