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What is the difference between medical bandages and medical gauze?

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Speaking of bandage treatment products, I think everyone will think of medical bandages and medical gauze like me. In fact, these two are indeed commonly used in clinical medicine. They can mainly play the role of wound treatment, but also Effectively prevent wound infections, so what is the difference between the two?

The difference between medical bandage and medical gauze:

Difference one:

Medical bandages are mainly divided into gauze bandages and elastic bandages.

Medical gauze mainly refers to degreased gauze.

Difference two:

Medical bandages are mainly used to wrap wounds, fix wounds, and prevent wound infections.

Medical gauze is mainly used to wrap wounds and prevent wound infections.

Difference three:

Medical bandages are used for the dressing and fixation of extracorporeal wounds applied in hospital surgery and homes; for surgery, orthopedics, varicose veins of the lower extremities, to prevent blood circulation caused by swelling of the limbs, and swelling diseases after the plaster removal of the limb fractures Bandage.

Medical gauze is mainly used for disposable blood-sucking and medicinal application for surgical operations in hospitals and medical offices and home health care.

Difference four:

Medical bandages are generally sold in the form of non-sterile medical products. When purchasing medical bandages, pay attention to whether the product is complete, especially the appearance, and confirm whether it is white, no pollution, and no broken wires.

Medical gauze is mainly sold in sterilization and aseptic methods. The former can be used after sterilization after opening, and the latter only needs to be packaged before opening, and can be used immediately. For wound dressing, pay attention to the whiteness of the gauze when purchasing medical gauze.



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