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What is the fabric of medical protective clothing

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Protective clothing, as the name implies, is a clothing that provides protection for the human body. There are many types of protective clothing, such as industrial protective workwear, military protective clothing, medical protective clothing, and special protective clothing. Given that it is currently in an epidemic situation, then The editor here mainly talks about medical protective clothing.

Characteristics of medical protective clothing


1. The role of medical protective clothing: The main role of medical protective clothing is to isolate bacteria and viruses, and to prevent medical workers from being infected by splashes, blood, body fluids, secretions, excreta, etc. Infiltration, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting medical personnel from the virus.


2. Quality requirements for medical protective clothing: Simply put, medical protective clothing is required to isolate bacteria and viruses, prevent the penetration of blood, alcohol, and water, and prevent the generation of static electricity.

3. Fabric material of medical protective clothing: There are many different types of fabrics of medical protective clothing, including but not limited to polypropylene spunbond fabric, spunlace cloth composed of polyester fiber and wood pulp, polypropylene spunbond one Meltblown-spunbond composite nonwoven fabric (ie SMS or SMMS), polymer coated fabric, polyethylene breathable film/nonwoven composite fabric, etc.

The difference from the fabrics of general industrial protective clothing is that the fabrics of medical protective clothing use micro-nano-level materials. This composite material can be compounded with different materials, such as: polyethylene/polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric ; Compound with breathable microporous film or other nonwoven fabric; compound with spunlace nonwoven fabric and breathable microporous film; use wooden paddle compound spunlace nonwoven fabric and other fabrics.

 4. In addition to the special material of the medical protective clothing, the semi-finished medical protective clothing needs to be sealed by pressing the rubber strip with all the stitches and pinholes in the protective clothing after the sewing machine has finished sewing and sewing. The purpose is to prevent dust, bacteria, viruses or liquids from penetrating through the stitches of the stitches. Sealing measures are necessary. The function is to enhance the isolation performance of the protective clothing to ensure the personal safety of medical personnel.



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