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What is the principle of precision infusion set?

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Speaking of infusion sets, in fact, as early as the 1930s, some patients had infusion reactions during the infusion process. Syringe manufacturers indicated that the infusion had special pathogenic side effects. It was not until the 1950s that infusion reactions occurred. Many scholars have reported the harm of particles in the infusion to the human body.

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In the 1990s, my country generally used ordinary infusion sets to infuse the human body. Although the hazards of cross-infection were avoided, many years later, it was discovered that these infusion sets also exposed some tricky problems during the use process, because these ordinary infusion sets There is almost no trapping effect on particles smaller than 15 microns in diameter, which causes certain adverse reactions to infusion.

Infusion set In order to meet clinical needs and consider human health, the world organization has launched a precision infusion set, which has been generally accepted by the medical community in advanced countries.

The precision infusion set is generally composed of an intravenous needle, a protective cap, a Luer connector, an infusion hose, a liquid filter, a flow rate regulator, a drip pot, a precision filter device, a cork puncture, and an air filter connection for the intake pipe. Under the action of pressure, the liquid in the bottle flows into the drip hopper along the thin infusion hose. When the water column pressure of the drip hopper is greater than the venous pressure, the liquid in the bottle flows into the vein along the hose.

The use of a precision infusion device can greatly reduce the harm of particulate matter to the human body. The applicable population is children, elderly patients, cancer patients, cardiovascular patients, critically ill patients, and patients who need infusion for a long time. It is suitable for Chinese medicine, antibiotics, nutritional medicine, potassium chloride, fructose, mannitol, fat emulsion, chemotherapy and so on.



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