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What is the protective effect of non-woven masks?

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Non-woven fabric manufacturers tell you that non-woven masks have a certain blocking effect on dustproof and metallic dust, especially small and easy to inhale dust. General gauze masks can only resist some large particles of dust, but Tiny dust can't be blocked, so what is the protective effect of non-woven masks?

General gauze mask, which is the principle of mechanical automatic dust filtering, that is, when dust collides or gauze, through the barrier layer, a large number of dust particles generated in the gauze barrier. "However, some research on fine dust, especially dust less than 5 microns, enters the respiratory system through gauze. For this kind of dust protection, there are also some foreign dust masks that work with permanent electrostatic filters for fibroblasts. Less than 5 When the micron dust passes through the respiratory tract, there is no such filter medium that is electrostatically attracted, and it is adsorbed on the filter to capture the thin material such as dust, so as to truly prevent the generation of dust.

 is like water, like air, which is resistant to fresh fragrance and small flow. When the shape of the adhesive surface of the non-woven mask is not, dangerous substances such as in the air will leak to the adhesion and will not enter the human respiratory tract. So, no matter how good you choose the mask filter material. You cannot protect your health. According to many foreign regulatory standards, workers should conduct regular adhesion tests for non-woven masks. The purpose is to ensure that workers of non-woven masks choose the right size and follow the correct step for the mask.

It is required to conduct data analysis during production. The respiratory management system should have low resistance, light weight, wear hygiene, and maintenance. Our teachers can choose to use it conveniently.

The above is the introduction about the effect of non-woven masks. If you want to know more, please pay attention to Zibo Dongmai official website!



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