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What is the role of the oxygen connecting pipe?

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The disposable sterile oxygen connecting tube is a common oxygen inhalation device among new medical devices. It has a simple structure, is easy to install, has a low cost, and is hygienic. Exclusively used by patients who need oxygen. So how to deal with the aging of the oxygen connecting pipe? The editor of Zibo Dongmai will explain to you!


1. Everyone has some common sense of life, everything has a certain life span. When some supplies have reached their useful life, they can no longer be used, and they should generally be replaced as needed.

2. The oxygen connecting pipe is aging, which needs more attention. People who have been exposed to oxygen problems for a long time must know some common sense. This kind of oxygen inhalation tube has a lifespan, that is, it needs to be replaced regularly.

3. If aging or oxidation is found during use, it must be replaced in time. Because the pipeline itself is in contact with oxygen, it is easier to oxidize. Determine the available time according to the type of oxygen connecting pipe you use.

4. Oxygen connecting pipes have different service life. Some may be used for one day, some are used for two times a week, and some are used once a week. The situation is different. Also according to the number of uses and so on.

When you use this equipment, you must consult what kind of equipment you are using and how long it will take to replace it, because the oxygen inhalation connecting pipe has a certain service life, and the oxygen connecting pipe is aging and needs to be replaced. . Different equipment uses different time, so you must understand the equipment you use. This is a problem related to the health of the body, so you must know in advance.



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