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What is the role of vacuum blood collection tubes?

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The vacuum blood collection tube used for routine blood tests is a one-time vacuum negative pressure blood collection tube. Don't underestimate such a small tube, the knowledge is great.

This vacuum blood collection tube has negative pressure. Although the vein is lower than the blood pressure of the artery, it also has a certain pressure. Once the blood vessel is destroyed, it can directly flow into the vacuum blood collection tube through the negative pressure. This is a closed system. First of all, from a biological safety perspective, for patients, it will not cause infections, and no outside air will enter the blood vessels.

Of course, during the practice of vacuum blood collection needles, many patients will find that the tube is dirty and contains liquid. In fact, during use, you will find that there are also dry anticoagulants. The composition of this water is an anticoagulant, which acts as an anticoagulant.

Because everyone knows that blood routine must be anticoagulant. If it is coagulated, it cannot be tested for routine blood components. Vacuum blood collection tube, which contains a little liquid, this liquid is an anticoagulant, commonly used is EDTA dimethyl, which is an anticoagulant. In addition to ensuring that blood does not coagulate, it also has one of the most important effects, that is, it has a very good protective effect on blood components, especially the morphology of cells, and the morphology of platelets, which is also an anticoagulation recommended by the international Agent selection.



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