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What problems will be encountered in the use of vacuum blood collection tubes?

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Vacuum blood collection tube is a new product used in clinical examination blood collection in recent years. Because of its easy operation, clean, safe and accurate,We analyze the reasons for the problems found in the actual operation process and propose improvement measures. When collecting blood, it is still necessary to observe the blood inflow from time to time for targeted treatment.


1. Hemolysis

Reason: The negative pressure of the vacuum tube is relatively large. At the beginning of blood collection, the blood flows into the bottom of the tube at a fast speed. The red blood cells can rupture when the red blood cells collide with each other. Hemolysis is occasionally seen in clinical practice.

Measures: When collecting blood samples, tilt the side needle of the two-way lancet blood collection tube so that it is close to the side wall of the blood collection tube, and the blood flows down slowly along the tube to avoid direct impact of red blood cells and cause rupture

2. Blood leakage

Reason: The latex sheath of the blood collection tube of the two-way lancet is loose or the needle punctures the latex sheath, so that the two-way lancet is not tightly sealed. During venipuncture, blood leaks along the end of the blood collection tube of the bidirectional blood collection needle.

Measures: Check and tighten the latex sheath before blood sampling. If the needle is punctured, re-cover the needle to maintain its tightness.

3. Poor blood flow

Reason: The puncture needle sticks to the blood vessel wall or there is no negative pressure in the blood collection tube.

Measures: Under the premise of ensuring the success of venipuncture, adjust the direction of the needle until the blood flows into the blood collection tube. If it is invalid, the blood collection tube will be replaced.

4. Insufficient or excessive blood collection

Reason: A few inevitably have quality problems, and the negative pressure in the blood collection tube is insufficient or too high.

Measures: Insert the needle of the syringe from the rubber stopper of the blood collection tube, and suck the air in the blood collection tube to form a negative pressure to collect the blood sample. The blood collection tube can be directly replaced when the original blood volume is low. Then set aside the puncture needle in advance.

5. The puncture needle comes out

Cause: It is caused by mechanical traction, especially when blood is collected from multiple blood collection tubes.

Measures: Pay attention to effective fixation when there are more blood collection tubes in one blood collection; when replacing blood collection tubes, the movement range should be small to prevent the needle from coming out and increasing patient suffering



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