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Where is the advantage of precision infusion device over ordinary infusion set?

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Precision infusion set: it is a new type of one-time precision infusion set with air speed regulation instead of the traditional dropping speed regulation method, which can accurately filter the air and liquid medicine and has the function of automatic exhaust. The utility model is characterized in that: a new air fine filter with dropping speed adjustment scale and gas-phase membrane, and a drug-liquid fine filter with automatic exhaust mechanism and liquid-phase membrane; The dropping bucket and small wheel dropping speed regulator of ordinary disposable infusion set are omitted. It solves the problem that the current disposable infusion device can not only block the insoluble particles of capillaries, but also regulates and asks questions quickly, intuitively and accurately to adapt to chemotherapy, infants, critically ill patients, SARS and infectious wards.

Ordinary infusion set: it can not filter bacteria, but only particles, because the size of bacteria is less than micron, and the micropore in the air filtration device is greater than micron. The special precision infusion set can effectively reduce the particle pollution in the air during the infusion process. The filtration aperture of ordinary infusion set can not reach the fine filtration of particles produced in the process of liquid transmission. However, in terms of price, precision infusion device is much more expensive than ordinary infusion set. If conditions permit, it is better to choose precision infusion set for infusion, which is safer.



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