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Which drugs need to use a light-proof infusion set?

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Due to the different nature of the drugs, there are different requirements in the use process. Light-proof Infusion set is mainly aimed at some light-sensitive drugs to prevent their denaturation or degradation under light, which will affect the efficacy of the drug. Which drugs need to be strictly protected from light?
Special light-proof drug: sodium nitroprusside
      Keep it strictly protected from light, use a light-proof
Infusion set, and use it for 12 hours. Discoloration is prohibited; for intravenous drip, the infusion set should be wrapped with aluminum foil or opaque material to protect it from light.
First-level light-proof drugs: levofloxacin, platinum-containing, water-soluble vitamins, amphotericin B, doxorubicin, etc.
Secondary light-shielding drugs: Nimodipine, epinephrines, cyclophosphamide, etc.
Tertiary light-proof drugs: fat-soluble vitamins, furosemide, reserpine, nitroglycerin, medium/long-chain fat emulsion, etc.
The first-level light-proof drugs should be stored strictly in the dark, and the drugs should be protected from light during infusion, and discoloration is prohibited; the second and third-level light-protection drugs should be stored in the dark, prepared for immediate use, and discoloration prohibited.
Principles for the use of light-shielding drugs: store in the dark, prepare for immediate use, and use for a limited time
     When using light-shielding drugs, keep the original packaging for oral medicines. The external light-shielding bag for injection is equipped with a disposable light-shielding
Infusion set with a filter.



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