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Which is better, medical latex gloves and rubber gloves?

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What is the best medical latex gloves and rubber gloves?

First of all, let's distinguish the materials of the two. Strictly speaking, whether it is latex or rubber, the raw materials of the two are resins cut from the rubber tree. The rubber contains natural rubber and synthetic rubber, or mixed rubber (natural + synthetic );

Natural rubber contains: natural latex and natural dry rubber (in short: wet and dry); synthetic rubber is also divided into wet and dry but there is no latex, so they are included and crossed. But generally speaking, what we call latex is milky white, while rubber is colored, and the thicker material is mainly black.

Medical latex gloves:

Material: Latex.

Scope of application: It is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment and daily life. Suitable for automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing; glass fiber reinforced plastics industry, aircraft assembly; aerospace industry; environmental cleaning and cleaning.

Production method: It is made of natural latex and latex gloves processed with other fine additives. The product has been treated with a special surface and is comfortable to wear.

Function: Latex gloves have abrasion resistance and puncture resistance; acid and alkali resistance, grease, fuel and various solvents; have a wide range of chemical resistance and good oil resistance. Medical latex aseptic powder-free nitrile The characteristics of latex gloves have a unique fingertip texture design, which greatly enhances the grip and effectively prevents slipping; the patented design without palmprints, evenly penetrates the glue, enhances protection; the unique hand design, cotton lining, improves comfort.

Rubber gloves:

Material: rubber sheet or film.

Classification: acid-base resistant gloves, electrically insulated gloves, radiation-proof gloves, medical gloves, etc. Divided into latex gloves and molded gloves according to rubber raw materials or manufacturing process.

Scope of application: Acid and alkali resistant gloves should be able to be used in sulfuric acid (density 1.32) or caustic soda solution (density 1.19) at 45 ℃. There are two types of electrical insulation gloves: high voltage and low voltage. High voltage can be used under 6000 volts (test voltage is 12000 volts). Low voltage can be used below 1000 volts.

The above is the classification introduction of medical latex gloves and medical rubber gloves, both of which can be used as medical gloves. Do you understand it?



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