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Why should the insulin injection needle be used once?

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In order to save costs or other reasons, many patients reuse insulin needles. In fact, this practice is very harmful and may eventually increase costs.

Never reuse insulin needles

After repeated use of the injection needle, the residual liquid in the needle will affect the accuracy of the insulin dose. The insulin remaining in the needle after use forms crystals, which may also block the needle and hinder the injection. In addition, if the needle is not removed after the injection, it will remain on the insulin pen, due to the thermal expansion and contraction, the insulin injection dose will also be inaccurate. Studies have shown that repeated use of injection needles can cause the needle tip to passivate and the lubricating layer on the surface of the needle to fall off, increasing the patient's pain and directly affecting the patient's compliance. As the number of repeated needle use increases, the proportion of patients with poor blood glucose control also increases greatly. Repeated use of needles may also lead to subcutaneous fat hyperplasia, large fluctuations in blood sugar, difficult to reach the standard, and increased insulin consumption, which ultimately increases the cost of treatment. Therefore, the injection needle is only used once, whether it is based on health or from the perspective of reducing the overall treatment cost, it is very necessary.



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