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Working principle of infusion set

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Principle of disposable infusion set

Infusion, also known as dripping or hanging water. It is a large-dose (over 100ml or more) injection into the body by intravenous drip. It is usually packaged in a glass or plastic infusion bottle or bag without preservatives or bacteriostatic agents During use, the drip rate is adjusted through the infusion set, and it enters the vein continuously and steadily to replenish body fluids, electrolytes or provide nutrients.

Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the liquid in the infusion bottle flows from the infusion hose into the drip hopper. When the pressure of the water column in the drip hopper is greater than the venous pressure in the body, the liquid in the infusion bottle flows from the hose into the vein. When the liquid medicine is almost finished, under the action of the surface tension of the filter membrane in the automatic liquid stop device, the venous pressure and the gravitational force in the wall of the infusion tube are balanced with the tension of the filter membrane, and the residual liquid is intercepted to achieve automatic liquid stop. Features.



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