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n95 mask instruction manual, shorten the time, when to use

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We all know the main way for droplets to spread the virus, so to prevent viral infections, wearing a mask is the best way. Of course, the best masks to prevent viruses should be n95 masks and medical surgical masks.

Everyone is familiar with medical surgical masks, but some friends of n95 masks are not very familiar with them. The following gives you a detailed introduction to the n95 mask instruction manual, wearing time, and when to use it.

The n95 mask is used like this. First of all, we must figure out how to wear it. The nose clip is facing upwards. First drag the mask to the chin to cover the nose and mouth, then first pull the upper headband over the top of the head and place it in the upper back of the head. Then, pull the lower headband over the top of the head and put it behind the neck. Pay attention to the position below the ears. Make sure that the two headbands are worn correctly. You can't just bring one, otherwise it will affect the use effect.

After wearing everything, gently press the metal nose clip with both hands to make the nose and nose fit snugly to your face. Finally, check the wearing tightness. If it is an n95 without a valve, cover the n95 mask with both hands and then exhale. If the mask expands slightly, it means there is no air leak. The n95 mask with valve should collapse after inhalation.

Under normal circumstances, the n95 is usually worn for four hours, and it is necessary to take it off for breathability. This is for the valveless n95 mask. The valve can be worn for a longer time. If you want to contact infected patients or suspected infected patients, you can wear n95 masks, generally normal people, wear medical surgical masks.



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