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  • Syringe with Needles' recycling management method

    1. Strictly control the preliminary disinfection of the departments: After the use of the disposable Syringe with Needles in each department, the syringe manufacturer must preliminarily soak and disinfect with a chlorine-containing disinfectant to ensure that there is no blood stains or liquid medic   Read More>

  • Syringe with Needles disinfection problem solution

    Sterilizing syringes by boiling is one of the important methods in medical practice. However, medical units do not always have distilled water, and sometimes it is necessary toIn other places outside the unit, the syringe shall be sterilized by boiling. Most of the hard water taken from the well is   Read More>

  • Syringe with Needles for one-time use should be classified and processed

    One-time use Syringe with Needles is divided into three types according to its purpose. It can be divided into three types: serious pollution, general pollution and basically no pollution. For disposable syringes with different pollution levels, their disposal methods are also different. So how to c   Read More>

  • The necessity of using infusion set to avoid light

    The light-proof infusion set is a kind of special infusion set, which has an irreplaceable role in modern medicine.Since light is a kind of energy, chemical reactions occur in substances by providing activation energy. Nowadays, many drugs in the clinic, especially western drugs, have some special m   Read More>

  • Syringe with Needles processing method

    The disposable Syringe with Needles is made of high molecular weight polypropylene. It is divided into three-piece and two-piece. The three-piece structure is composed of three pieces of core rod, rubber stopper, and outer cover, as well as injection needles and outer packaging. Two pieces The type   Read More>

  • Use and maintenance of infusion set

    Infusion sets can generally be divided into two categories: one is an infusion set, and the other is a micro syringe. The infusion set is mainly designed for the patient's infusion, it can accurately deliver the liquid according to the need; the micro syringe is mainly used when the output per unit   Read More>

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