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Infusion set

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  • Which drugs need to use a light-proof infusion set?

    Due to the different nature of the drugs, there are different requirements in the use process. Light-proof Infusion set is mainly aimed at some light-sensitive drugs to prevent their denaturation or degradation under light, which will affect the efficacy of the drug. Which drugs need to be strictly   Read More>

  • What is the principle of precision infusion set?

    Speaking of infusion sets, in fact, as early as the 1930s, some patients had infusion reactions during the infusion process. Syringe manufacturers indicated that the infusion had special pathogenic side effects. It was not until the 1950s that infusion reactions occurred. Many scholars have reported   Read More>

  • Advantages of single-use light-proof infusion set

    The single-use light-proof infusion set is mainly composed of a cork piercer, an air inlet device, a pipeline, a drip bucket, a flow regulator, a medicinal solution injection part, a medicinal solution filter, an intravenous infusion needle, and a protective cover. The filtration rate is not less th   Read More>

  • The necessity of using infusion set to avoid light

    The light-proof infusion set is a kind of special infusion set, which has an irreplaceable role in modern medicine.Since light is a kind of energy, chemical reactions occur in substances by providing activation energy. Nowadays, many drugs in the clinic, especially western drugs, have some special m   Read More>

  • Use and maintenance of infusion set

    Infusion sets can generally be divided into two categories: one is an infusion set, and the other is a micro syringe. The infusion set is mainly designed for the patient's infusion, it can accurately deliver the liquid according to the need; the micro syringe is mainly used when the output per unit   Read More>

  • The scope of application of precision infusion set

    The disposable infusion set is a common medical consumable with a validity period of 2 years. After aseptic processing, a channel between the vein and the liquid medicine is established for intravenous infusion. Generally, it is composed of eight parts connected with intravenous needle or injection   Read More>

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