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blood collection tube

Knowing that you are interested in blood collection tube, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • Pay attention to shaking after blood collection of vacuum blood collection tube

    The sequence of blood collection with vacuum blood collection tubes requires certain specifications. The purpose of standardizing blood collection is to ensure the quality of specimen collection and reduce the mutual influence between different test tubes. According to the regulations and experience   Read More>

  • What problems will be encountered in the use of vacuum blood collection tubes?

    Vacuum blood collection tube is a new product used in clinical examination blood collection in recent years. Because of its easy operation, clean, safe and accurate,We analyze the reasons for the problems found in the actual operation process and propose improvement measures. When collecting blood,   Read More>

  • Precautions for the purchase of serum blood collection tubes

    The basic requirement of the serum tube is to complete the coagulation process within the specified time. With the assistance of a centrifuge, complete serum or platelet-poor serum can be separated. At the same time, ensure that the biological and chemical components of the serum are mutated or cont   Read More>

  • Uses of blood collection tubes of different colors

    The standard blood collection tube adopts the internationally-used head cover and label. Different colors indicate different types of additives and test purposes. Let's take a look at the common uses of vacuum blood collection tubes.Red: Dry vacuum tubeThe most commonly used test tube for serum bioc   Read More>

  • What are the additives in blood collection tubes?

    The additives in the blood collection tube include: anticoagulant, coagulant, buffer, protective agent, inner wall treatment agent, injection day treatment agent, separating glue and so on. Its variety, performance, and concentration directly affect the characteristics and detection of blood samples   Read More>

  • What are the additives in blood collection tubes?

    There are many types of blood collection tube additives, and after these additives are added to blood collection tubes, they are generally distinguished according to the color of the blood collection tube cap. What are the additives in blood collection tubes?   additives include: anticoagulant, coag   Read More>

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